How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Norway?

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Norway?

If you are wondering about working in Norway, you also probably want to know how much it costs to live there. We have already talked about the daily costs of life in a previous post. This time we will enlighten the prices for renting apartments in Norway, especially in the capital city, Oslo.

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The best option is to search for a flat on the Internet. The two biggest sites for apartment searching are and Both of them are in Norwegian, and you will find all kind of options for renting and buying there.

finnThe rental price depends on the city where you are going to live, the location and condition of the flat. For example, renting a flat more or less central in Oslo, furnished, and with 2 bedrooms, can vary between about 10,000 NOK (€ 1,250) to 40,000 NOK (€ 5,000). The most expensive flats you find in are found in the best areas of Oslo (Tjuvholmen, for example) and have over 100 m2. A “normal” rental in the centre of Oslo with the same criteria as mentioned above, would cost between 12-16,000 NOK (€ 1,500-2,000). If you wish to rent a single room in a shared flat in a central location of Oslo, you would have to pay from 5,000 NOK (€ 400) to 8,000 NOK (€ 1,000) (depending on the condition of the flat, number of roommates, the area etc.). Rents in the outskirts of Oslo and other cities tend to be more economical and you can check the pages listed above for more exact prizes.

Some of the most central neighbourhoods in Oslo, and perhaps the best ones, are: St. Hanshaugen, Frogner, Majorstuen, Skillebekk, Sentrum, Grunerløkka and Torshov. Prices in these neighbourhoods are usually a bit more expensive, and the western areas are more expensive than east. Here is a summary of how zones are divided in Oslo.piso en Noruega

You will also have to take into account what the rental price includes. TV, electricity and Internet are usually the extra fees you have to pay. You do not pay for gas, just hot water. Also you have to know that the deposits are high in Norway; it is usually about 2-3 months’ rent, along with the first months rent in advance. This can be negotiated, especially in smaller properties or for short-term stays.

In both pages ( and, you can filter your search to find exactly what you want or if that does not work you can put your own ad. This usually costs close to 500 NOK (€ 62.5) in large cities (Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen etc.). The ads are sorted by cities and areas, which allows you to make a quick selection of apartments located in a given area. By using an advanced search (avansert Søk), you can quickly filter out the features you want. As both of them are in Norwegian, we have created a small dictionary with the most frequent words for filtering the search:

Basic terms needed to rent apartment in Norway

Velg område = Choose area
Boligtype = Type of rental
Bolig til salgs = to buy
Bolig til leie = to rent
Leilighet = apartment/flat
Hybel = studio apartment
Enebolig = one family´s house
Leie = rental
Antall Soverom = number of bedrooms
Visning = display
Pris = price
Størrelse = size
Møblert/umøblert = furnished/not furnished
Etasje = floor
Strøm = electricity
Kjøkken med hvitevarer = kitchen with appliances
Soverom = bedroom

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