The best job opportunities for Spanish engineers are in Norway

IMG_4326Since the 1970´s, Norway has experienced an economic growth due to the “boom” in the petroleum sector. As a result the country needs foreign people with specific competence, especially engineers. However, to enter the Norwegian labor market you will not only have to show your qualified profile, but also be able to adapt to a different culture and a different way of working.

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On Tuesday the 29th of October we gathered more than 200 persons from the Spanish world of engineering, at the prestigious Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de la Universidad Politécnica (ETSII-UPM), with the aim of getting to know the opportunities for the Spanish engineers in Norway.




Frisk Bris Recruitment & Coaching organized this event in cooperation with ETSII-UPM, the Norwegian Embassy, The Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Norway (a Norwegian firm from the public sector).





The audience arrived at 7pm. After registering their names and companies we gave them a detailed program with the order of the presentations.



Through the following link you can see the complete video of the presentations from all our participants:





We are very greatful to Telemadrid for being there and helping us spread our work in the media.






The result was an excellent report which captured the main objective that Frisk Bris R&C wants to be known for: There exists a lot of working opportunities in Norway for Spanish engineers. You can take a look at the report here:






D. Juan de Juanes Márquez, Assistant Manager for Alumnos y Relaciones Internacionales de la ETSII-UPM, opened the event before he passed the word on to the Norwegian ambassador D. Johan Vibe.

The ambassador spoke about the economic situation in Norway, the main areas of economic development in the country, and he especially emphasized the importance of the budget for the infrastructure for the upcoming year; a circumstance that will surge a new upturn in the demand for engineers in this country.





D. Fransisco Aparicio Izquierdo, president of the Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos ETSII-UPM, professor at the Universidad Politécnica and director of INSIA, spoke about the university, it´s prestige, the magnificent education of the Spanish engineers. He also focused on the university´s activity in the organization of these types of events to promote working opportunities in Norway.



The next presentation is made by the founder Christian Solli Nyborg, who spoke about the main objective of Frisk Bris R&C: Show the working opportunities in Norway to the Spanish Engineers/Show the opportunities in the Norwegian labor market to the Spanish engineers.

After a short introduction, it got down to business and several interesting aspects of the Norwegian labor market were analyzed.

After presenting our company, Frisk Bris R&C, what we do, who we are and why we do it, we spoke more specifically about the needs in the different sectors within engineering:

– Where is the demand and what kinds of engineers are needed

– Why aren´t there already loads of Spaniards working in Norway?

– The requirements of the Norwegian companies

–  Advices on how  Spanish engineers should prepare themselves if they want to work in Norway




A continuación conectamos en directo con Oslo, con uno de nuestros partners noruegos que nos habló en profundidad sobre el sub-sector Oil & Gas noruego.





We also had a personal testimony from one of our candidates who is already living in Oslo. He told us about his personal experience and his first steps in Norway, in addition to the challenges of having adapted himself to a new culture, to a new language and to the Norwegian society.






Finally, the CEO of Innovation Norway Spain talked about how a foreigner can start up a business in Norway.




On having finished the presentations, we could enjoy a tasting of Spanish wine offered by Bodega Fernando de Castilla and the company Olmeda Orígenes

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A big thank you to all of you who could participate, and thank you for supporting us. We will keep you informed regarding our next events to have you on board again!



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