Global Talent Week 2015 – Spanish engineers to Norway

Last week the owner and founder of Frisk Bris, Christian Nyborg, participated in the Global Talent Week 2015 in the «House of the engineers» in Oslo representing Frisk Bris Recruitment & Coaching. Global Talent Week was Norway’s first online career fair, and you could participate from wherever in the world and meet attractive and international companies in Norway online for free. The Online Career Fair featured company video presentations, vacancies, video chat options, and auditorium presentations.


During the event´s forum , «Global Mobility Forum 2015″, Chris was invited to talk about his work experience and success from Spain, as well as the issue regarding Spanish engineers in Norway. His message was clear: Norwegians cannot be afraid of hiring foreign people that don´t know Norwegian. If they have the skills, a high enough English level and show initiative to learn Norwegian, their profile should be considered as any other. After just some months in the job their Norwegian level will most probably have improved enough to do all the work in Norwegian.

Luckily the Norwegian mentality regarding this matter is changing rapidly in some areas, and many of the participants in the forum highly agreed upon Christian´s remarks. Positive comments were made afterwards, so we hope that this is something that will happen in the future. Norway needs to bring in more foreign labour, and Spanish engineers with a good English level and willingness to learn  Norwegian should absolutely be something to consider.


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