Engineering job market- current situation in Norway

The last year has not been too positive when it comes to oil and jobs for foreign engineers in Norway. We want to give you a quick update on the current situation in Norway regarding the job market for foreign engineers.

First of all, many things have changed the last months which have influenced on the job market for engineers in Norway. The oil price has decreased a lot, with a current average of about 50$, and this, amongst other factors, has made thousands of engineers within the Oil & Gas sector lose their job. About 25 000 engineers have lost their job from this sector the last months, and where do these engineers head to? A lot of the workforce from the oil sector is now entering the infrastructure sector, which is increasing a lot. This is another reason why it´s very difficult for foreign engineers to get a job in the Norwegian sector at the moment. Due to the current situation the majority of infrastructure/construction companies choose Norwegian engineers with both English and Norwegian language, than a foreign engineer with only English and/or basic level of Norwegian. It´s unfortunate, but that’s how it is.

Frisk Bris Recruiting is no longer working proactively to search and find jobs for our engineers, as we did before. In the recruiting business we work now more reactive: We wait for the jobs and customers come to us. So as you can understand, this part of Frisk Bris is quieter than the other part: Frisk Bris Consulting.

Projects within Frisk Bris Consulting is now our main focus where we work a lot with Spanish engineering- and construction companies to win projects in Norway, and our Business Development is much appreciated. Thus there might be a need of recruitment of Spanish and foreign engineers with a good English level, to the projects our clients win in Norway in the future. Keep updated by following our web page, Facebook and blog.

Team Frisk Bris


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