Cultural workshop with AGJV and Jernbaneverket

Today Frisk Bris Consulting and Norse Consulting have had a cultural workshop with Acciona Ghella JV (AGJV) and Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration) in Oslo. There are three different companies from three different cultures (Spanish, Italian and Norwegian) involved in this project, and it´s crucial to know how to work well together when you have such cultural differences in one team.

Therefore the main objective of the seminar was to understand what the cultural differences are, how they may apply, and help all parties to better understand the working cultures of the two sides, i.e. JBV and AGJV, and in that way see how to achieve success despite cultural differences.

During the cultural workshop, Julien Bourrelle, the author of “The Social Guidebook to Norway”, performed the first part as the guest speaker. He emphasized on how the Norwegians are seen from a foreigner living in Norway and how to actually socialize with them.

Julien Bourrelle

Julien Bourrelle presenting the Norwegian behavior in an entertaining and purposeful manner.

Part 2 was performed by Christian Nyborg, CEO and founder of Frisk Bris Consulting, and Sigve Mauritzen, CEO and founder of Norse Consulting. While Julien focused more on the social part around this subject, Chris and Sigve emphasized on the work- and business related part of it. European researches, surveys and studies (such as Hofstede) were used to show that there exists significant work cultural gaps between Norway, Spain and Italy.

Christian Nyborg

Christian Nyborg in action, explaining the main differences working in Spain and in Norway.

Sigve Mauritzen

Sigve Maurtizen concluding with the essential elements for success.

Effective communication, proper and appropriate involvement and control, and values/ethical standards were mentioned as key success factors.

It was a successful workshop, with positive feedback from the participants AGJV and Jernbaneverket, and we think our recommendations and advices will participate to an effective and successful cooperation in the Follo-line project.


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